Terms And Conditions

Data Protection

We take confidentiality very seriously. While most of the information we gather is in the public domain we will not unnecessarily share it without your permission. However, we do need to share some information in order to carry out the research such as names and dates etc. By asking us to carry out research you are agreeing to us sharing the information solely for the purpose of genealogy research. We hold information in various forms including but not limited to, electronic (on personal computers or web based), photos, scans, photocopies, certificates and forms. We are registered with the Information Commissioners Office (A8226454) and carry out regular Data Protection  training to keep on top of changes in legislation. We  will store information for two years after the last contact we have with you unless you wish us to destroy the information sooner. Once the information is destroyed it will not be retrievable. 


At our initial contact we will usually be able to give you an idea of what the project is likely to cost. We will require cleared funds to the value of the initial setup or a deposit before we start work. At agreed stages (usually the completion of the last stage) we will request  to be put in cleared funds before continuing. We will never make purchases or carry out work on your behalf without agreeing the cost up front - that way you wont get any nasty shocks. 

Care of Your Property

From time to time you may want to loan documents such as certificates or photos We will of course take as much care as possible of them but we always prefer copies. If this is not possible we can not take responsibility for any loss or damage. The pictures mobile phones take of other photos or documents are usually more than adequate for our needs but we are happy to discuss this with you. needs 


Our preferred method of  contact is by email, text or letter as this provides a record for you and us. We are more than happy to talk face to face or on the phone but we will usually follow this up with a confirmation email 


 We take a great deal of care to make sure the information we provide to you is correct. It is only as good as the information we get and sometimes errors can creep in due to old documents being poorly transcribed by others, misinformation or just simple mistakes. There is an element of interpretation required with this type of work but we try to back up facts with at least 3 sources wherever possible. If you find a problem please discuss it with us and we are more than happy to try to put things right free of charge. 


Family history research can be a very emotive subject and we may uncover a skeleton in your cupboard. If there is anything you think may upset you or your family please let us know and we will be sure to remain silent.