The Process

1. First Contact

You can contact us by using our contact page or directly by email  We'll get back to you usually within 48 hrs.

2. Initial discussion

We'll have a discussion with you (usually about 30 minutes or so) to find out what you would like to achieve and what information you already have. We should have a good idea on what we might be able to achieve.

3. Setup

Once we know we can help you we will ask for you to send us the setup fee of £85.00. We then enter the information you have given us into our database and advise you of a way forward. This part usually takes about 10 days.

4. Further Research

Once we have agreed the way forward  we will discuss our fee for the next stage . Once this has been received we will proceed  to the agreed next stage until we have enough information to issue a report or chart (or both)

5. Presentation

We  will discuss with you  ways of presenting the information in the way that you would like. This can be in a paper report, a chart,  or on a memory stick. We can give you access to our database for you to look at whenever you like (even during the research) on a PC, tablet or your mobile  .

Time limits

If you have an idea of when you need to have the project completed by (perhaps this is a present for someone) please let us know as soon as possible as this does take time and we need to plan accordingly